SEO Case Study: Press Release Strategy

Our Second SEO Case Study

The following case study highlights an online blog that faced substantial challenges until leveraging our strategic press release services. This example illustrate the obstacles this company confronted and the remarkable turnarounds. 

Client Profile

This image shows the Domain Overview page on Moz, with a focus on the Domain Authority (DA) metric.

Niche: Automotive

The Challenge We Faced

So the biggest roadblock this website was dealing with? Not enough eyeballs. And let's be real, if you're running an online blog, getting solid traffic is make-or-break - especially in a crowded, competitive space like the automotive world. With so many other car blogs out there vying for the same readers, driving more visitors to your site is important if you want to gain traction.

This image shows the Traffic Overview from Ubersuggest, providing key insights about the performance of the client's website.

Our Solution

To tackle this traffic issue head-on, we brought out our Premium Press Release Service. This strategic approach was the perfect play for boosting that website's visibility and getting more people looking at their content. By leveraging premium press release distribution channels, we could amplify their voice and get their automotive expertise in front of the right audiences who love cars. The goal was to use this service to drive a surge of new, qualified visitors straight to their blog.

Strategy and Execution

  • Project Duration: 4 months (January 1, 2023 – April 27, 2023)
  • Approach: Our game plan was to really lean into guest posting opportunities and crafting hard-hitting press releases.
  • Objective: The goal was to increase organic traffic and qualified leads for car enthusiasts.

This screenshot shows the top-ranked keywords on Google along with their respective ranking positions. It gives insight into the specific keywords that are driving organic traffic to the client's website.


  • Domain Authority:
    • Before: 23
    • After: 38
  • Monthly Traffic:
    • Before: 8,000 visitors
    • After: 36,000 visitors
  • Backlinks:
    • Before: 2,400
    • After: 3,000+

This image displays the Backlink Overview from Ubersuggest, providing information about the sources of backlinks pointing to the client's website.

Future Growth Strategy

To really take this Google ranking to the next level, my recommendation would be acquiring some high-quality editorial backlinks. We're talking about earned mentions and backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites - the type of links that Google sees as legit editorial are votes of confidence. It shows you're being referenced and recommended by other trusted sources rather than just trying to game the system. Getting legit editorial placements is not easy, but it's worth its weight in gold for climbing those search rankings.

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