SEO Case Study: Niche Backlinks

Our First SEO Case Study

Digital marketing is a whirlwind these days, with companies big and small hustling to stand out online and reel in their ideal customers. We'll take you behind the scenes with some of our clients who were up against tough marketing hurdles. Whether they were promoting sound therapy services, building a product review site, or blogging about tea - they all had their work cut out for them. But with our customized strategies, they leveled up their digital game and achieved some serious wins.

Client Profile

This image shows the Domain Overview page on Moz, with a focus on the Domain Authority (DA) metric.

Niche: Sound Healing and Music Therapy Instruments

The Challenge We Faced

Okay, so this client's website was all about sound healing and music therapy instruments - pretty niche stuff. They were really struggling to get people actually finding them through Google searches and organic traffic channels. And for a super specialized market like music therapy, getting that targeted online visibility is make-or-break. All the enthusiasts and professionals in that world need to be able to discover your site easily when they're searching for those kinds of products and services online. Otherwise, you're basically invisible to your entire potential audience.

This image shows the Traffic Overview from Ubersuggest, providing key insights about the performance of the client's website.

Our Solution

To give this client's online visibility a shot in the arm, we decided to leverage a niche-focused backlink service. The whole game plan was to really hone in on making their website more appealing and authoritative for their specific corner of the market. We did some spring cleaning on their existing backlink profile and content - fine-tuning everything to hit those relevancy sweet spots for their niche audience.  

Strategy and Execution

  • Project Duration: 20 weeks (November 10, 2022 – April 5, 2023)
  • Approach: We made strategic enhancements to their existing backlinks and content in order to improve their relevance and effectiveness.
  • Objective: The goal was to increase the domain authority and organic traffic for that niche market.

This screenshot shows the top-ranked keywords on Google along with their respective ranking positions. It gives insight into the specific keywords that are driving organic traffic to the client's website.


  • Domain Authority:
    • Before: 2
    • After: 10
  • Monthly Traffic:
    • Before: 70 visitors
    • After: 390 visitors
  • Backlinks:
    • Before: 150
    • After: 350

This image displays the Backlink Overview from Ubersuggest, providing information about the sources of backlinks pointing to the client's website.

Future Growth Strategy

Alright, so based on what we're seeing, I'd suggest doubling down on accumulating more relevant backlinks over time - that's really going to be the key for steady, sustainable growth in this niche market. Our Monthly SEO Packages are designed to methodically build up that niche relevance and visibility.

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